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Amazon FBA Prep For Businesses Ready to Scale

Build an empire, side hustle or grow your already flourishing Amazon business

Scalability on demand

We create your FBA shipments

HUGE benefits when partnering with a prep center

New Seller Friendly

Volume discounts for sellers doing over 500 units a month

Software built & updated for Amazon inventory & processing

Extremely fast prep times get your product to Amazon quickly!


3 Million +
Items Prepped

Prep Accuracy

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Offload the prep and focus on the fun stuff like Growth.



Amazon FBA Prep Services

Pricing & Volume Discounts

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A warehouse designed for Amazon Prep

Hundreds of scannable storage bin & pallet locations, extra large receivals area, ergonomic specialized prep stations and so much more.

Shipdif is tech-enabled. Track all inventory in real-time.


How it works

It's this simple!






Prep & Ship!

Subscribe to our Services, connect to our platform & easily connect your Amazon Seller Central

Create inbound shipments in our portal & Send your inventory to our warehouse.

We receive, prep and ship your shipments for you! Easy

Create an inbound shipment, add your products & your done!

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We are an industry leader in Shoe & Apparel arbitrage prep.

Lower your return rate with our thorough inspection process

12 Point inspection and prep process for a premium consumer

10,000's of shoes prepped and ready for Amazon

We prep our shoes to new from factory condition. No box? No problem! No tissue paper? We've got the answer! Shoes tied like a 3rd grade kick ball athlete? We'll fix that.


Fragile & Liquids

Item Wrapping (Professionally shrink wrapped or Polybag)

Oversize units

A fulfillment center for any product

We can prep any item! We prep and bring items to the standard Amazon requires so that all inventory will arrive in your customers hands safely. This means a happy consumer and more 5 star ratings!



Portland, OR

Our Warehouse Location

Located in Sales Tax-Free Oregon this is one of the many incentives to use our services. We are also located less than 800 miles away from SMF3 one of Amazons largest fulfillment centers (cheap shipping to Amazon!)


Guides, updates & more!

New to selling on Amazon? We've been there and we can help you out! Take a look through our blog and find helpful tips and nuggets along the way. If you want to stay in the know with Shipdif, we provide monthly updates on service & technology improvements. 




9+ Years of learning and selling on Amazon have taught us many lessons. Through bumps, bruises and scars we have developed processes and technology to prep inventory for any business on Amazon's vast and complex selling platform. We make growing your business a breeze.

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Why Shipdif

Save time. Grow more.

Keep your products in stock no hassle.

We believe logistics should be easy. As an all in one source for Amazon Logistics all of the services provided are billed through one system. This pricing helps give you a good sense of what you will be saving by using our services. We don't keep you locked down with a contract, or charge you hidden fees like your local phone company. This is logistics made professional and easy on your terms.

all on the cloud

Don't get dinged for being out of stock. We help you stay in the "green zone" on Amazon's platform. Losing rank because of lacking logistics is a thing of the past, off-load your logistical needs with us and keep your customers & Amazon happy.

And so much more

Don't get dinged for being out of stock. We help you stay in the "green zone" on Amazon's platform. Losing rank because of lacking logistics is a thing of the past, off-load your logistical needs with us and keep your customers & Amazon happy.

Purple Podiums
Paper Craft

Our Partners

Tools we recommend

ZonGuru (Combination Mark) Logo.png

Zonguru provides an all-in-one toolsuite, perfect for all of your Amazon business needs. State of the art product research, optimization, automation tools & live training. 


Get a live view of how a product is selling. Graphs, IP Complaint checker and much more info on any ASIN live on

Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 11.51.42 AM.png

An automatic solution to keeping the buy box or selling your product at just the right price! Control your inventory 

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 4.00.08 PM.png

Sellerboard is an amazing tool for tracking profits, revenue and projecting future inventory. We highly recommend this app to all sellers. An execellent way for you to stay organized!

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