Order Fulfillment for eCommerce on AUTOPILOT 

Shipdif is a global logistics solution for eCommerce businesses ready to scale. Turn on automated fulfillment and compete in the new competitive online marketplace.

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What we excel at

eCommerce Fulfillment

Seller Fulfilled orders shipped within 24 Hours. Compete with the best of Amazon and leave the long waits of Amazons FBA receiving process. Plus, keep your products in stock when they do eventually sell out.


Prep Services

We can prep any project. Competitive pricing and a quick turnaround we strive to be your 3PL warehousing solution. One more thing, we are TAX-FREE, send your orders to us through us for certain services and enjoy around 8% Savings!


Storage & Forwarding


Need to store your products at an exclusive warehouse hub? Forward and cross dock shipments to whatever destination through our warehouse. Need prep and storage too? No problem, we will meet your needs.

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We are a one stop fulfillment solution









Connect your platforms and selling channels to our web based software.

Send your inventory to our warehouse, we receive and distribute inventory in our streamlined warehouse

You can now distribute orders anywhere, globally. D2C, B2B all at your fingertips.

We Pick, Pack and Ship all of your orders quick and effeciently.

Our Warehouse Locations

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Nashville, TN

Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR

Coming Soon!  

Our Headquarters is strategically placed in beautiful Portland Oregon. We are positioned between the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Long Beach south of us. The port of Portland is also a viable channel of delivering goods to our location. Coming soon to Shipdif, two new warehouse locations to add to our network for cheaper rates and faster shipping times!.

Coming Soon!  

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Why Shipdif

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Save time. Grow more.

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We believe logistics should be easy. As an all in one source for Amazon Logistics all of the services provided are billed through one system. This pricing helps give you a good sense of what you will be saving by using our services. We don't keep you locked down with a contract, or charge you hidden fees like your local phone company. This is logistics made professional and easy on your terms.

Keep your products in stock no hassle.

Don't get dinged for being out of stock. We help you stay in the "green zone" on Amazon's platform. Losing rank because of lacking logistics is a thing of the past, off-load your logistical needs with us and keep your customers & Amazon happy.

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No hidden fees, simple pricing

What you see on our website is what you will be paying, low prices every time.  With Shipdif calculating your services cost is easy. Stay ahead of your competition and plan out product costs with no sweat.

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Competitive Carrier Pricing From World Class Shipping Providers

Integrations With Hundreds of Top eCommerce Marketplaces

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Ready?  Lets talk!



7+ Years of learning and selling on Amazon have taught us many lessons. Through bumps, bruises and scars we have developed marketing and shipping strategies for any business on Amazon's vast and complex selling platform.

Why us?

A 3PL is an extension of your business. We specialize in being an arm of your operation that is crucial to the movement of day to day tasks. Shipdif was created by folks that know commerce and we love to connect with others that do as well. We save you time, so you can focus on what matters- Growth.