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Save up to 9.2% on shipments sent to us!

Amazon FBA Prep Pricing

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Check out whats included with our prep services when you partner with us!

Step 1:

What's included

Prep comes with everything needed to get your standard sized items prepped and sent to Amazon FBA.

Do you prep apparel and shoes?
Of course! Find pricing for these services below.

Do you offer discounts for volume?
Yes, find below for volume discounts!

What is a SKU?
A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is designated
for one product. You can have 100 pieces of inventory for one SKU of product.

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Step 2:

Subscription Fee Waived (Fee reimbursed on invoice)

Per standard item prep cost

>1000 Units Per Month, No Discount
1000+ Units Per Month 5% Prep Per item Discount
2000+ Units Per Month 10% Prep Per Item Discount
3000+ Units Per Month 15% Prep Per Item Discount 
5000+ Units Per Month 20% Prep Per Item Discount

Carton Receiving, Inventory Wrapping, FNSKU Labeling

2 Weeks Free Storage

SAME DAY* - 2 Business Day Prep Turnaround Time


Orders can go out same day if received before 9AM dependent on Shipdif warehouse work order volume.*

Receiving of Cartons

Shipment Creation

Warning labels, Sticker Removal

Shipdif Prep Software - No google sheets!

Volume Pricing

*Volume Discount Calculated after first full month of shipments and re-evaluated each month following*


Step 3:

Storage Costs
(After 2 weeks)

Once inventory has arrived to our warehouse, we receive and place items into  locations dedicated to your account.

Are my items commingled?

This is an extremely rare occurrence- but items can be commingled in our bin system.

Do your Storage Rates go up during Q4?

Nope! Storage rates stay the same throughout the year.

How often is storage charged?

Storage is charged at a daily rate. However many cubic feet you are using divided by 30.


(After 2 weeks)


Per Cubic Foot

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Step 4:

Review any benefits you receive by using Shipdifs Services

Order & Inventory Management Software, no google sheets!

Dedicated Account Management

Instant Chat, Email & Zoom Communication

No Shipment Minimums

Step 5:

Additional Charges

What is a monthly account service fee?

This recurring fee is associated with running each account on our platform and the service we provide. This fee can be reimbursed if you are shipping more than 1000 units through us.

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Monthly Membership &
Account Service Fee

$79 Per Month

Bubble wrap

$0.50 Per SqFt


Over 18" on longest side  $2.00

Over 30" on longest side  $5.00




$0.10 per unit after first standard prep unit

*Please reach out for a full list of additional charges*


Final Step:

Already on-board to join Shipdif? We are ready for you! Join a professional prep center and enjoy the benefits of a tax-free experience

Ready? Get Started

Give us a call , we would love to answer any questions!

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