Online & Retail Arbitrage Prep Pricing

We follow a three step process for simple and easy pricing. Know what you are paying for and know that you are getting the best price in the industry. Trust that your items are in good hands with us, we ship product within 24-72 Hours of a shipment input. We know quick turn-around is important, and we don't stop until the job is done. 

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Step 1: Receiving & Storage

Per Box Received                           $1

2 Weeks Storage                           Free

Per Item Per Month                      $0.15

Long Term Storage


This includes FNSKU Labeling & Inspection



Step 2: Prep

Weight                            Per Carton

0-5 lbs                                                   $1

6-10 lbs                                                 $2

11-15 lbs                                               $3

16-20 lbs                                               $4

21-25 lbs                                               $5

26-30 lbs                                               $6

31-35 lbs                                               $7

36-40 lbs                                               $8

41-45 lbs                                               $9

46-50 lbs                                               $10


Step 3: Forward & Send to              Amazon

Fragile Wrapping                   $0.50

Bundle                   $0.20 per additional unit

Sticker Removal                     $0.15

Poly bagging                          $0.25

Prep Per Unit                     $0.65

Minimum $35 Per Job

Frequently asked questions

What does a Per Job Minimum mean?

To keep operations running smoothly and your order leaving our warehouse as fast as possible, each job that you create must be equal or greater than $35 in prep AND forwarding fees combined. You will be billed the difference for each shipment if under the minimum.

What is the average turn-around time for a prep job?

Orders are typically sent through our "Prep Pipeline" and sent to Amazon within 24-72 hours of us receiving the FBA shipment confirmation from you.

Can I continuosly send you shipments?

Of course! Once we receive and scan in your products you can then create shipments for us to fulfill. We then pick the correct units to prep, pack and send into Amazon.

What do I need to start?

Please send us a "Contact Us" form and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to determine how best we can serve you.

Do you require Seller Central Permissions?

Currently, yes we do. We require 2 permissions from your account.