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Pick, Pack, Ship. It's what we do.

Focus on your business growth and the big picture. Grab more sales with time that you previously didn't have. 

Fulfillment Through All Channels

Free up time for the things that really matter. Like growing your business.

Amazon has captured over 60% of online sales year over year. Access their customer base instantly by using Merchant Fulfilled. We get your orders prepped and shipped out within 48 Hours. Seller Fulfilled Prime orders ship out within 24 Hours. We have great relationships with all of our shipping partners. Daily pickups occur for our major shipping partners UPS, FedEx & USPS.


Excellent order accuracy and efficiency. Take advantage of lighting fast order processing times.

Selling a product with multiple sellers already on a listing? Stand out with Seller Fulfilled Prime and one up your competition. Remove the worry of other sellers grabbing your customers first. Work smarter, grow your sales and stand out from the rest.

Save costs with cheaper shipping and ditching the cost of an unorganized warehouse.

We charge a flat fee per month to store your product. $0.50 year round per product per month. Your first month is on us with any Merchant Fulfilled product sent to our facility. No more dealing with Amazon's ludicrous Q4 storage fees. We make this simple as all logistics should be.


Dedicated team of success specialists. Dream big, grow big.

Selling a hot product that is sold out? With merchant fulfilled you will be the first one to bring the customers that high impact product. 

Seller Fulfilled Prime - All the benefits of prime but under your control

Seller fulfilled prime brings the same benefits as Prime to the customer. You reap the rewards of being a premium merchant in the eyes of a consumer. Give your customers custom packaging and inserts for a greater brand message than what Amazon currently allows.


eCommerce Fulfillment Pricing

Step 1

Orders you ship a month 


0-499 Monthly Orders

$2.50 Per Order

$0.50 Additional Pick


500-999 Monthly Orders

$2.25 Per Order

$0.35 Additional Pick


1,000-2,499 Monthly Orders

$2.00 Per Order

$0.25 Additional Pick


2,499-10,000+ Monthly Orders

$1.50 Per Order

$0.25 Additional Pick

Step 2

Receiving & Storage

Receiving is $25 for the first two hours, after that it's only $40 an hour



Each product SKU will need its own unique storage location to pick items accurately. Every SKU requires a Bin location.


Bin    $4.00/Month

This is a 12" x 24" x 12"  One SKU Pickable Bin 

Pallet Space    $36/Month

This Space is 48" x 40" x  72" and is a Pickable and Overflow Designated Area

Step 3

Check out what's included at no additional cost


Discounted Shipping

Hundreds of Integrations


Dedicated Account Manager

Illustrated Laptop

Inventory Management Software

Address Validation

Step 4

One off costs

Special Projects

Special projects can include Inventory counting, repackaging products or even gluing broken in transit products back to New.

Per Hour/Per Employee         $50

Container Unloading

Any containers containing cargo that is palletized do not fall into these fees. Containers that are "Floor Loaded" will receive these fees to become palletized. 

40' Container            $600

20' Container            $275

Minimum Monthly Pick & Pack Fee

We currently take any and all clients if your business fits with us. But, currently we do have a minimum Fulfillment & Storage fee. We have a minimum to provide the best service and for you to access all of the benefits of using our services when you ship through us. If you don’t reach the minimum with your pick and pack fees, you will be billed the difference.

Minimum           $225/Month


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