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​​How a Prep Center Can Help Grow Your Amazon Business In 2022!

What is an Amazon prep center?

An Amazon prep center is a service that you can use as your primary ‘ship to’ address. They will receive, inspect, prep, and ship out your products to Amazon without you ever even needing to touch the product!

How do I know if I am ready to use a prep center?

Every business is different so you may need to ask yourself a few questions. Is prepping my own products becoming overwhelming? Do I live in a tax-free state? Am I ready to take my business to the next level? If you said yes to any of those questions, it may be time to partner up with an Amazon prep center.

Overwhelming prep time:

Starting a business can be difficult. From setting up a company, to balancing finances, and purchasing products you might already find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Then to top it off, you will need to spend countless hours prepping your product to sell on Amazon. Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day. That’s where a prep center comes in! Think about all the time and energy you can save by never having to lay a hand on your physical product. Just place your order, address it to your prep center, and before you know it, its available on your amazon store. It really is as easy as that!

Tax-Free States:

If you are running managing an Arbitrage based company in a state that has sales tax, then it is never too early to start using a prep center! The amount of money you will save avoiding sales tax practically makes up for the cost of the services provided by prep centers! This means that you will be spending nearly the same amount of money while completely removing the hassle of doing any prep yourself!

Taking your business to the next level:

A good problem to have is when your company outgrows your starting situation. A lot of Amazon seller start from selling at their home, but quickly realize that their company needs more room to grow. A prep center is a quick an affordable solution to not only prep your products but also store them until you are ready to start shipping. Prep centers also provide you prepping options such as shrink-wrapping to help take your products to the next level.

What makes a good prep center?

When trying to find the right prep center for you, try asking yourself what are most important traits in a business partner? Some key traits to look for in a prep center are cost, prep time, communication, software, location, and quality control. Some of these are harder to determine than other when looking for the right prep center, so be sure to ask as many questions as you can until you are comfortable that it is the right fit for you!

How to get started & Why you should pick Shipdif

Now that we have figured out whether your business is ready for a prep center and we have some information of what to look for when finding the right prep center, all there is to do now is start searching! We recommend looking at the rest of our website here at to see if we are the right fit for you! If you have any questions about how we can help you grow your business, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team in the bottom righthand portion of your screen and head over to our pricing page for a full view of the services we provide.