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Welcome! We'll take prep off of your hands, save you money on sales tax(if applicable) and help you join a business that wants you to grow!

Before Starting:

Make sure you have gone through Amazon Seller University and have a strong understanding of Seller Central

Onboarding Checklist

Connect your Amazon Store to our Software(we only see your SKU inventory and not FBA stock levels, reports, payouts etc.)

How to Send product to our warehouse correctly and effeciently

45 minutes

Joining Shipdif is easy and takes about 45 minutes to get setup/understand how this works. Mastering our software will come as you develop your systems for your business in partnership with us

Resources for further help and Assistance, you're ready to ship! Happy Sourcing, Let's get growing!

Step 1: Understanding What can be sent to Shipdif



Shoes, Apparel, Accessories

Grocery(unless requested)

Kitchenware, Home Goods

Anything over 50 lbs

Toys, Legos, Baby, Electronics, Pet Supplies, Beauty

Anything over 50 Inches

Sports & Outdoors, VIdeo Games, Tools and Home Improvement


Hazardous(Unless requested)

Used Books

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! :)

Step 2: Rules for sending product to our warehouse 



Use inbound shipment 4 letter codes on your deliverys and inbound shipments to Shipdif

Leave out the suite number of our address

Let us know if you are sending us over 4 Pallets or a Container full of product

Send us products without UPCs unless previously communicated about(Like stray plastic ketchup bottles or plastic bowls)

Discuss Amazon Removal Requests through instant chat

Wait up to 1-2 Business days for receivals to check in after delivery

Send any product without a 4- letter code on the delivery address

Create outbound shipments, we do this for you

Step 3: Register on our Software 

1. Head to our software by clicking the button below or by opening a new tab at

*By making an account on our portal you acknowledge you have read and understand our terms and conditions and shipping guidelines.*

2. Hit Register on the top right and enter your information

3. Click create new merchant and add your business name and email

4. Account registration is complete! You now have a login with Shipdif. Please continue learning through this onboarding to avoid any unnecessary fees

Step 4: Adding your inventory from Amazon to Shipdif

Once you have connected your Amazon Store to the software your Amazon inventory will automatically populate after 24 hours. This can be found on the "Inventory" page in the software.

The video below explains how to add new inventory to your Shipdif portal. Note: this is after your initial product auto-upload from adding your Amazon account to our software.

Note: This video also explains how to send products for ungating to Shipdif as well.

Step 5: Inbound Shipments - Sending Product to Shipdif

Inbound shipments are product you are sending to Shipdif from your suppliers. Each inbound shipment requires a 4 letter code as the name and a 4 letter code on the physical package being delivered to Shipdif. Inbound shipments can be monitored in the "Inbound Shipments tab"

Use a new 4-letter code for each new day of buying. Multiple suppliers can be on one inbound shipment.

An inbound shipment lets us know what is heading to Shipdif from your suppliers. We receive units to these inbound shipments and you will be able to see live updates as we process your inventory.


YOUR NAME *4-Letter Code*


*4-Letter Code can also go here*


Once you understand these steps, you are good to ship to Shipdif! Repeat as you buy more product throughout your partnership with us! Happy Sourcing!


Our knowledgebase

To contact us, within the software use our instant chat for product related issues. To talk to a shipdif account manager create a meeting below

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