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Check out whats included with our awesome arbitrage prep services when you partner with us!

Step 1:

Prep Cost

Prep comes with everything needed to get your standard sized items prepped and sent to Amazon FBA.

Less than 100 Units Per SKU


Per unit

100+ Units Same SKU


Per unit

Do you prep apparel and shoes?
Of course! Find pricing for these services below.

Do you offer discounts for volume?
Yes, reach out to us!


About Me

What's included

Carton Receiving, Inventory Wrapping, FNSKU Labeling

1-3 Day Prep Turnaround Time

2 Week Free Storage

Receiving of Cartons

warning labels, sticker removal

Shipping prep and pickup to Amazon

Amazon FBA Prep Pricing

Step 2:

Storage Costs
(After 2 weeks)

Once inventory has arrived to our warehouse, we receive and place items into  locations dedicated to your account.

What if my pallet is over 48"?

Your inventory will be split onto another pallet to take up a second pallet space. You will be billed for 2 pallet spaces.

Can I store multiple SKUs per location?

Yep! Multi-SKU bin locations will house the bulk of your inventory.

small_bin copy.png


24" X 16" x 16"

$5 Per Month

AdobeStock_197800363 copy.jpg

Pallet Position

48" X 40" x 48"

$36 Per Month

Step 3:

Review any benefits you receive by using Shipdifs Services

Order & Inventory Management Software

Check out whats included with our awesome arbitrage prep services when you partner with us!

What is merchant Fulfilled Services?
When using merchant fulfilled services, you can send out any of your received inventory directly to the customer.

About Me

Instant Chat, Email & Phone Communication

Dedicated Account Management

Product Amazon FBA Regulation Checks

D2C & Amazon FBM Fulfillment Options

Step 4:

Additional Charges

What is a monthly Account Service fee?

About Me

Monthly Account Service Fee

$79 Per Month

Bubble wrap

$0.50 Per SqFt


Over 18" on longest side  $2.00

Over 30" on longest side  $5.00




Step 5:

Already on-board to join Shipdif? We are ready for you! Join a great prep center and enjoy the benefits of a tax-free experience

Ready? Get Started

Give us a call or leave us a message, we would love to answer any questions!

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