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Here's why you need to grow your company with us

Why Shipdif

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Hefty benefits of third party prep services with Shipdif

Send your taxed product to our location to utilize a true benefit to your business. Experience on average a savings of 8% on each product sent to us. Using our services becomes a necessity to your business, experience hands free product management and a cost effective solution to get ahead of competition. 

Massive Scalability

Your business deserves to evolve at the pace that you have the knowledge and resources for. Shipdif takes warehousing out of the equation for your business. Utilize a service designed for scaling Amazon businesses and reap the benefits of a third party logistics company. 

Organization right away

Each piece of inventory is counted, scanned and binned. Always know your exact count of inventory that has arrived at Shipdif with our propietary software. Manage shipments heading to Amazon, Returns or Merchant Fulfilled Orders.


Saving time is the biggest benefit a third party logistics company can offer you. Save time, day after day - no need to receive packages, log what has actually arrived, prep the products for Amazon and finally ship the inventory to Amazon itself with the correct shipping materials.

A Sales Tax-Free State

Prep On-Demand

Build up your inventory at Shipdif or ship all of your product at once to Amazon, multiple times a week. Manage and create shipments, and Shipdif takes over - it's that easy.

Your inventory prepped & approved for FBA

All product prepped through Shipdif is brought to Amazons FBA receival standards. Our prep team is well trained and is tooled to go above and beyond these standards. This saves you time and any future headaches.


By using Shipdif you do not have to hire employees or purchase the assets and supplies needed for a functioning warehouse. This is cost savings of $1000's of dollars for you.


A warehouse designed for prep services

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Meet some of the team


Jordan Whiteley


Previous multi - business 7 figure Amazon Seller with a first venture into Toys & Games, following a venture into shoes & apparel and finally a private label business jump started on Amazon. With this knowledge and an already functioning warehouse focused on Amazon Prep it was a no-brainer to help other sellers accomplish their goals.

Jake Memmott


With 5+ years of logistical experience and expertise at Nike managing 100'000s of units & SKUs it was an obvious choice for Jake to eventually found a logistics company. Jake was part of a Nike seed company that originally raised $10 mill in funding - growing any eCommerce logistics business is what he excels at.


Solutions we provide



Online Arbitrage Prep Services

Ramp up your online arbitrage FBA business with a prep center built to grow with you. We don't only grow with you, we provide resources for you to learn and build your business at whatever pace you would like to utilize them. 

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Private Label & Wholesale Prep Services

Already own a brand on Amazon? We can help you label products from your supplier or prep them to be Amazon FBA compliant. We take pride in offering a professional presentation for each piece of inventory that goes through our line.

What makes our services great


Selling Shoes & Apparel?

Our inspection preocess can masterfully build your inventory so on delivery to your customers hands it'll put a smile on their face. Leading to much less chance of a return.

Sticker Removal - Inside & Outside

Size Check

Shoe Cleaning

Invoice Removal

Left & Right Check

Tidy up product to new status

Sticker Removal - Inside & Outside

Item Wrapping (Professionally shrink wrapped or Polybag)

Item Cleaning to new

Free inventory storage for 2 weeks

UPC Item Scan with date of arrival

Prep times of under 2 business days


A fulfillment center for any product

Here's what's included with each prepped unit when you choose Shipdif as your fulfillment partner

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