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Client Since November 2020


"I have used 3 different 3pls/prep centers before shipdif, all I can say is they changed our business. I didn't have to worry about logistics, as they handled it perfectly, and I could focus on growing our business. 10/10 reccomend great team with great communication."
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Client Since November 2021


Nothing but praise for Shipdif. So grateful to have a reliable prep center partner on our side as we build our FBA business. They are responsive, professional and absolutely reliable if we have a minor issue or if I have a question. I sleep well knowing that a key component of our business is handled. In fact I would say they are a big part of the success we have had so far.
IMG_3711 - Nathan K.jpg


Client Since April 2022
"Shipdif has allowed me to grow my Amazon business to almost 7 figures while still working a full time job. They have been great to work with and I have had nothing but good experiences. Their online portal is also very easy to use and efficient."
Profile Pic - Jake Thornhill.jpg
Client Since June 2022


We've been with Shipdif for over a year and have loved their service! After having worked with a few different prep centers, Shipdif is by far my top recommendation when anyone asks. Competitive prep prices, fast shipping times, reliable customer service and they're housed in a tax free state - everything you want in a prep center!
Client Since May 2023


"The folks at ShipDif are second to none, I have not had a single experience that was less that exceptional. The online portal is incredibly simple to use and very efficient which in my opinion just feels so natural to integrate into your sourcing."
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