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With over 3,000,000 items successfully prepped and delivered to Amazon we are no novices to completing any job. Our facility is ever expanding and so are our efficiency practices. All products are confidential and stay under constant surveillance. 

Amazon FBA Prep Services



3 Million +
Items Prepped

Prep Accuracy


We prep for accuracy AND speed

Wholesale & Private Label Prep

Wholesale & Private Label Prep

Streamline your Wholesale business and take the worry out of the logistical and labor demanding work of receiving and prepping shipments. We can inspect, prep, and ship on your terms and to whatever specification you would like. We accept shipments of packages to 20ft & 40ft containers and have a forklift to accept palletized truck shipments.

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Sales Tax-Free

Online Arbitrage Prep

Take the burden of preparing shipments off of your schedule and let us deal with it. All shipments are shipped out within 24-48 Hours so you can be competitive on Amazons massive marketplace. We are also located in a Tax-Free State so prepping with us is basically free! 


Quality Control

How it works

It's this simple!




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Prep & Ship!

Subscribe to our Services, connect to our platform & easily connect your Amazon Seller Central

Create inbound shipments in our portal & Send your inventory to our warehouse.

We receive, prep and ship your shipments for you! Easy

Create an inbound shipment, add your products & your done!

Postal Boxes

Selling Shoes & Apparel?

Our inspection preocess can masterfully build your inventory so on delivery to your customers hands it'll put a smile on their face. Leading to much less chance of a return.

Sticker Removal - Inside & Outside

Size Check

Shoe Cleaning

Invoice Removal

Left & Right Check

Tidy up product to new status

We are ready for any product

Sticker Removal - Inside & Outside

Item Wrapping (Professionally shrink wrapped or Polybag)

Item Cleaning to new

Free inventory storage for 2 weeks

UPC Item Scan with date of arrival

Prep times of under 2 business days

Here's what's included with each prepped unit when you choose Shipdif as your fulfillment partner

The Fulfillment Center

Accurate item receiving and picking with any Amazon FBA shipment. Expandable warehouse space up to 40,000 SQFT. Processes and equipment at the ready for quick turn-around on large shipments. All items are scanned at multiple points of shipment workflow before and after you have created your shipment.

eCommerce Fulfillment Pricing
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Portland, OR


Our Warehouse Location

Shipdif has multiple ports close by. With clogged ports, more options are a huge positive! With Shipdif we make this problem less congested.


Already on-board to join Shipdif? We are ready for you! Join a great prep center and enjoy the benefits of a tax-free experience

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