Grow you business with us and we will scale to meet your needs. Calculate and evaluate your pricing in 4 steps, we make fulfillment a breeze.

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Lightning fast fulfillment at the best price for you to grow

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Grow you business with us and we will scale to meet your needs. Calculate and evaluate your pricing in 4 steps, we make fulfillment a breeze.


Easy-to-use software with plenty of step by step guides. Virtual help is only a click away!

Same Day

Get products into the hands of your customers quicker. Same day shipping on fulfillment orders placed before 12PM.

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How it works


We are a one stop fulfillment solution for any small to medium sized business






Connect your platforms and selling channels to our web based software.


Send your inventory to our warehouse, we receive and distribute inventory in our streamlined warehouse


You can now distribute orders anywhere, globally. D2C, B2B all at your fingertips.


We Pick, Pack and Ship all of your orders quick and effeciently.


Step 1:

Determine the number of orders you fulfill per month to estimate Pick Fees

*Fragile items & items heavier than 5lbs require additional charges. Reach out to us for a full pricing breakdown

1-500 Orders


Per Order



Additional Items Per Order

501-1,000 Orders


Per Order


Additional Items Per Order

1,001-2500 Orders


Per Order


Additional Items Per Order

2,500+ Orders


Per Order


Additional Items Per Order

Step 2:

Estimate your storage needed
Each SKU will need it's own storage location


Large Bin



Per Month

23 x 15 x 2"


Per Month

23 x 21 x 15"


Per Month

40 x 48 x 48"

Step 3:

Review any one off costs (We like to keep everything transparent)

Container Unloading


53'  Container   $600

20'  Container   $300

First two hours     $25

After first two  $40/Man Hour

Packaging Material


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large bin.jpg

Step 4:

Review any benefits you receive by using Shipdifs Services

Discounted Shipping rates with major carriers

Same day shipping on orders before 12PM

Order & Inventory Management Software

Dedicated Account Management

Frequently asked questions

What does a Per Job Minimum mean?

To keep operations running smoothly and your order leaving our warehouse as fast as possible, each job that you create must be equal or greater than $35 in prep AND forwarding fees combined. You will be billed the difference for each shipment if under the minimum.

What is the average turn-around time for a prep job?

Orders are typically sent through our "Prep Pipeline" and sent to Amazon within 24-72 hours of us receiving the FBA shipment confirmation from you.

Can I continuosly send you shipments?

Of course! Once we receive and scan in your products you can then create shipments for us to fulfill. We then pick the correct units to prep, pack and send into Amazon.

What do I need to start?

Please send us a "Contact Us" form and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to determine how best we can serve you.

Do you require Seller Central Permissions?

Currently, yes we do. We require 2 permissions from your account.

What is a forwarding charge?

This cost covers multiple fees such as materials (box, tape, labels), creating Amazon box contents*, as well as arranging and fulfilling the pick-up of goods with Amazon's preferred carrier.

*Amazon box content is the requirement to add inventory manifests (or lists) of product skus and quantities to each box in an inbound shipment that has multiple boxes.