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Shipdif is leveling up! A focus on FBA Prep Services

Hello! This is my first newsletter/blog post that I have written for Shipdif and it's about time for our first global update about the state of this wonderful company because we are EXCITED for the future! My name is Jordan Whiteley and I am the CMO and one of the founders of Shipdif. Weekly updates will be available on our blog & a newsletter will be sent to our members and partners of Shipdif.

A sprint in the right direction

Upon the founding Shipdif we were hyper focused on being the go-to source for any small to medium business to unlock 100's of eCommerce selling channels with an enterprise grade customer experience. Not only an outstanding eCommerce fulfillment experience, but a source for you to send product to brick & mortar stores and distribute locally. Shipdif will get to that point within a few years, but for now we are honing in on what we know best and are superbly equipped for, Amazon. Shipdif will be placing all future eCommerce Fulfillment & Retail Fulfillment prospective partners onto a waitlist until we can hammer down processes and systems to the liking of our Amazon Prep Services.

So, what has changed? Shipdif is now a well oiled and optimized FBA Prep Center. We spearheaded this project over the course of a few months to accomodate future growth and to turn our already working warehouse into the choice of Brands & Online Arbitrage sellers around the world.

What we have added to our Portland warehouse

- Racking originally intended for pallet storage now converted into hundreds of scanable bins (Organization)

- Multiple 'Prep Fast Lanes' using tray systems found in warehouses like Amazon, Walmart & Nike today (Organization & Faster outbound shipping times)

- Expanded receiving & sorting space (Accurate a quicker receivals)

- Updated checkout equipment (Faster outbound shipping times)

- Categorized trackable picking & receiving carts (Organization)

- Prep stations upgraded & reformatted for ergonomic profeciency (Faster outbound shipping times)

- High turnover oversize item storage (Storage for oversize items leaving the warehouse within 2 weeks)

- Outbound checkout and prep area for Oversize shipments (Faster outbound shipping times)

Our warehouse is not the only part of Shipdif receiving updates.. our portal will also be experiencing rolling updates

What's to come with our software

- A shipment creation process very similar to Amazon(why not copy the best? What's not broken doesn't need fixing)

- User friendly bundling systems - Bundle ASINs/UPCs to create new listings or matchup current bundles found on Amazon

- Step by Step shipment processing updates

- Inventory receival notifcations

- ASIN & Pictures on inventory page upon UPC scanned at receival

- Upload Shipment via CSV

- In-software payments

- Direct Connection to Amazon via Developer key

- Inventory Management for Items en-route, in stock and sold at Amazon

- Help center with a clear ticketing system

Shipdif is always looking for ways to improve, as Shipdif grows a massive emphasis on automation and software will play a critical role.

With all of this change comes a few adjustments to our pricing. Specifically storage.

Changes in storage pricing

$0.50 Per Standard Sized unit after two weeks

Oversize Items - Over 18" on any side or Over 5lbs $1.25* Per item after 2 weeks

*Please reach out to us for specific pricing

To avoid these charges place any inventory older than 2 weeks into a shipment to get the items prepped and sent into Amazon.

Other great things to look out for!

- Daily knowledge base posts (found in software on "User Guide" or on our instant chat)

+ General Amazon Guides

+ Beginner and master guides to improve your listings on Amazon

+ Organizational guides to improving your Amazon business

+ Shipdif features and how-to's

- Quicker prep turnaround times

+ A push for 24 hour turnaround time is underway

And that's it for now! We are extremely excited for the future of Shipdif and we look forward to providing a top tier service for businesses new and already a part of our team. Hopefully this insight into our

Not a part of Shipdif and ready to join us? Head here to get started with us as your partner in prep.

Shipdif. Ship Differently.

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